An Acne Patient’s Journey with NeoGen Plasma & Obagi Tretinoin 0.1%

“For the first time in over five years, my skin has been consistently good … Now I only wear makeup for special occasions!

Patient Profile

25-year-old Female
Occupation – Marketing
Fitzpatrick Skin Type 2
Indication – Acne Vulgaris
Affected Sites – Forehead, Eyebrows, Chin and Cheek


Concerns: Painful and Unsightly Flareups

“I first saw Mark, (Dr Holmes) in 2015 (aged 21), I had never had particular problems with my skin until about a year previously, it seemed to flare up overnight and the spots were not only unsightly but really painful and had a huge knock-on effect on my confidence. The main problem at this point was my forehead, but this soon expanded to my eyebrows, chin, and cheek areas. I never suffered with body acne; it was always just on my face.”


Turning Point for Patient and Why the Decision was Made to Treat with NeoGen

“I don’t think I’d be far off exaggerating when I say I had tried everything – long term antibiotics, creams, gels (prescribed and over the counter), facials, different contraceptives, various skincare regimes, different diets (including virtually cutting out dairy) and nothing seemed to have any impact. I went on to have the Obagi skin program for 6 weeks, and I had my first Neogen treatment in 2016.”

The treatment stages that the patient went through for her acne problem

The Treatment

Patient Experience

“I had a series of six treatments in total, four of which were in close succession. I saw significant improvement each time from treatments 1 – 4 and then there was a period of bad skin (although this could have coincided with a trip to Dubai where it was particularly humid). After treatments 5 & 6 the results have been consistent.”

Progress of the patient's treatment for Acne Vulgaris

Treatment Preparation

Topical Anaesthetic – Mix of Lidocaine 23% and Tetracaine 7% – Applied for 30 minutes

Treatment 1 to 4

NeoGen Plasma 0.8 Joules, Single Pass full face. Moisturiser applied post-treatment

Treatment 5 and 6

NeoGen Plasma 0.8 Joules, Single Pass full face. Obagi Tretinoin cream 0.1% applied post-treatment


The Outcome

“It has now been just over a year since my last Neogen treatment. As well as a reduction in active spots, there has been a significant decrease in scarring too, which is continuing to improve. These were taken at various points over the last year.”

Acne patient showing the results of her NeoGen Plasma treatment


Patient Testimony

“Whilst there are noticeable improvements immediately after each treatment, the real results have come after some time which is so much better than a quick fix. The results already feel long-term and are continuing to improve. The results go so much deeper than just physical changes. The mental and boost in confidence have been the most measurable. In fact, it makes me quite emotional to look back over these pictures. I remember being too embarrassed to answer the door without makeup, or just putting makeup on to be around the house. Now I only wear make up for special occasions!”


Before and after results showing the patient's Acne Vulgaris in 2016 compared to her clear skin in 2020


Dr’s Testimony

“The NeoGen Plasma skin regeneration platform has provided great results for my patients, across multiple treatment indications, with minimal downtime!” Dr Mark Holmes


Dr Mark Holmes is a full time Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing doctor. He has clinics in Harley St and at The Mcindoe Centre – a private cosmetic hospital in East Grinstead.

He is the Clinic Lead for Dermamedical Aesthetic Training and is a Key Opinion Leader for a number of aesthetic companies.

All three of the neogen plasma devices shown together
Nitrogen Plasma Skin Regeneration Technology

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