NeoGen PSR Q&A With Dr Nina Deep & NeoGen South Africa.

In this Q&A video, Andrea Botha and Dr Michelle Westcott from NeoGen Plasma South Africa ask Dr Nina Deep some interesting questions about her experiences and treatments over the last 18 months.


“We’ve had numerous devices over the years to resurface skin. When we got this NeoGen PSR about a year and a half ago, it really transformed our practice it really shocked me how the results were so profound even though the patients had very little downtime with the procedure.” – Dr Nina Deep, Nina Deep Aesthetics

To learn more about NeoGen Plasma and see the NeoGen PSR system in action, check out the full overview, device setup, and treatment demonstration delivered by Dr Nina Deep on our YouTube channel, here.

All three of the neogen plasma devices shown together
Nitrogen Plasma Skin Regeneration Technology

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