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Nitrogen plasma skin regeneration is a novel device that produces heat to the skin, resulting in the production of new collagen. Because of lower energy with safer skin damage and lesser adverse effects who have high Fitzpatrick’s skin type, especially Thais, this technique is very interesting for clinical application for skin esthetic treatment. However, this treatment has yet been empirically studied as the treatment for mild-to-moderate periorbital wrinkles.


This study aimed to evaluate clinical efficacy of nitrogen plasma for the treatment of mild-to-moderate periorbital wrinkles.


Eighteen volunteers were enrolled. Each volunteer was randomized to receive nitrogen plasma treatment on one side of periorbital wrinkles with three sessions at a three week interval and compared with contralateral side without treatment. Photographic examination, skin wrinkle (SEw) score, melanin index, patients’ satisfaction score, side effect, and pain score were reported.


At over fourteen weeks, all volunteers completed the study. Treatment with nitrogen plasma group had significantly better improvement for periorbital wrinkles score by Lemperle scale, skin wrinkle (SEw) score by Visioscan®VC 98, and the melanin index by Mexameter® than the control groups (P= 0.004, P<0.001, P<0.001, respectively). This study also showed significantly greater satisfaction score to favor the nitrogen plasma treatment group than the control group (P<0.001). The short term adverse effects included erythema, scaling, temporary hyperpigmentation, pruritus, and dryness.


Nitrogen plasma skin regeneration is effective and safe for the treatment of mild-to-moderate periorbital wrinkles and darkening.

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Nitrogen plasma skin regeneration for the treatment of mild-to-moderate periorbital wrinkles

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