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NeoGen nitrogen plasma system: perspectives on expanded uses & claims

How can NeoGen Plasma be used for antimicrobial therapy and to treat acne? How does NeoGen Plasma enhance transdermal penetration?

Download this free whitepaper to find out about the technology behind NeoGen Plasma and how it provides great opportunities to enhance treatment options for a variety of use cases.

The Ebook Covers:

  • Antimicrobial Therapy and Acne Treatment with NeoGen Plasma
  • Introduction: Acne Pathogenesis and Treatment
  • (Drug) Treatment Ladder
  • How Do Treatments Work?
  • How Might Plasma Have an Antiacne Effect?
  • Plasma as An Exceptional Antimicrobial Modality
  • Acne Microbiota Study
  • Future Preclinical Work to Assess Action of NeoGen On Acne
  • Enhancing Transdermal Penetration with NeoGen Plasma
  • The Skin as A Barrier to Drugs and Actives
  • Plasma as A Penetration Enhancer
  • Current Clinical Use of NeoGen For Penetration Enhancement
  • Future Scientific Work
NeoGen nitrogen plasma system perspectives on expanded uses and claims whitepaper