The NeoGen Plasma product range

Excellent return on investment

Treat the whole body and face

Treat multiple indications simultaneously

Maximum treatment results, minimal downtime

NeoGen SPA Nitrogen Plasma Technology system
  • Safely and effectively treats skin types I – IV. An ideal system for treating the darker skin types in this spectrum.
  • Quick and effective treatments for your clients with zero to minimal downtime yielding significant improvements in skin tone, texture and the appearance of wrinkles and rhytides.
  • Perfect for lunchtime, maintenance and package treatments.
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NeoGen Evo Nitrogen Plasma Technology system
  • Ideal for treating the whole body. This system offers clinicians a broad energy range and increased repetition rate for tailorable procedures.
  • Achieves excellent return on investment as this multi-user platform effectively treats skin types I – IV, targeting both aesthetic and dermatological conditions.
  • Can be combined with other treatment modalities for bespoke protocols to meet client needs.
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NeoGen PSR Nitrogen Plasma Technology system
  • Provides physicians with the full spectrum of energy capabilities and repetition rate, with the added benefit of a double pulse rate for maximum intensity.
  • Ideal for corrective treatments and can be used to complement, or as an alternative to, surgery.
  • Comparable treatment results to CO ablative procedures with significantly reduced associated downtime and post-treatment complications.
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