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Transform your
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with ‘Real Plasma’

Watch what Nikki Chapman has to say about her experience of her recent NeoGen treatments.

Clinically Proven Technology

Over 200,000 Nitrogen Plasma treatments have now been performed worldwide and multiple IRB clinical studies performed globally.

Meeting Patient Expectations

Physicians can customise settings to meet their patients’ desired results and downtime, with treatment protocols ranging from a ‘pain free, no downtime’ treatment to the equiv¬alent of a ‘transformational CO2 fully ablative treatment’.

Equivalent to CO2 Fully Ablative Results but only 50% of the Downtime

For those patients who seek demonstrable improvements at high energy, the NeoGenPSR delivers results comparable to a fully ablative CO2 treatment but with the safetyand healing profile of a non-ablative treatment.

Treating the Whole Architecture

The entire skin surface is regenerated with no untreated islands, contributing to im¬proved lightening, colour, texture and tone, as well as the removal of pre-cancerous skin lesions.

Deep Tissue Remodelling

Post treatment, the treated epidermis acts as a natural dressing to provide protection and accelerated healing compared to lasers which have inherent complications and risk.

Safe & Precise Alternative to Blepharoplasty & Facelift

Plastic Surgeons can offer their patients a non-surgical alternative, or a complementary treatment to enhance the outcome of cosmetic surgery.

Strictly Judge, Shirley Ballas gives an update on her NeoGen journey.

Increased Skin Permeability

Post treatment, the increased permeability of the skin enables greater absorption of topi¬cal solutions, contributing to enhanced outcomes.

Who does it treat?

Lighter skin can be treated with high or low energy as there is less chance of altering the pigmentation of the skin and causing it to change color. Due to higher melanin content, darker skin is generally treated at lower levels to avoid discoloration effects.


NeoGen Plasma treatment brings many benefits, including:

  • Highly tolerable procedure
  • Quick treatment time – have the treatment done in one lunchtime appointment
  • Large areas of skin covered in one treatment session
  • Minimal downtime allowing you to carry on with everyday life (low energy)
  • Non-invasive – no puncture wounds, no ablations, charring or bleeding
  • NeoGen Plasma treatment has the effect of thickening the skin, unlike laser, which thins it
  • A safe & cost-effective alternative to surgical procedures
  • One of the only systems to directly treat eyelids with effective results without surgery
  • Medical grade nitrogen gas converted into nitrogen plasma (thermal plasma)
  • Stimulates the natural elements of the skin to encourage renewed and regenerated skin
  • Multiple skin indications and concerns addressed in one treatment
  • Improves skin anywhere on the body

The Treatments

Skin Tightening

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Lines and Wrinkles

lines and wrinkles

Sun Damage & Pigmentation

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