Remarkable age reversing results with NeoGen Plasma

Energist has over 20 years’ worth of experience in developing aesthetic, dermatological and surgical energy devices. We sat down with Andrea, a beneficiary of Energist’s NeoGen Plasma skin resurfacing technology, to discuss the differences the treatment has made to her.

Andrea turned to NeoGen Plasma after becoming unhappy with some of the ageing signs her skin was experiencing. We asked her what she wanted to achieve from the treatment, and why exactly she was so delighted by the results.



Signs of ageing

Before she decided to look into treatment, Andrea had started to notice a difference in her skin quality. She told us about several things she was unhappy about, all of which are common and natural byproducts of the ageing process:

  • Dry skin: As we age, our skin tends to naturally produce less moisture, which along with prolonged exposure to sunlight, has a noticeable drying effect.
  • Fine lines: One of the earliest identifiable markers of ageing skin; lines and wrinkles are caused by a loss of elasticity.
  • Vascularity around the nasal area: Broken blood vessels just under the surface of the skin are caused by poor circulation and often present themselves more in older age.
  • Age spots: As the skin ages it becomes more susceptible to increased pigmentation. This can lead to the formation of flat and dark spots in areas most exposed to sunlight.

Andrea’s growing dissatisfaction prompted her to research solutions to these problems. It wasn’t something she took lightly – any treatment that makes a transformative change to the appearance of the skin needs to be carefully considered. Andrea researched heavily and eventually put her trust in the NeoGen Plasma technology.



What is NeoGen Plasma?

NeoGen is a technology that can fundamentally improve a person’s entire skin architecture. It produces thermal energy which delivers controlled heat to the tissue which incites a specific regeneration effect. This is how it works:

  1. An ultra-high frequency generator converts nitrogen into an ionised gas called plasma.
  2. The plasma is applied to the skin from a handpiece in controlled pulses.
  3. The thermal energy from the plasma causes controlled modification of the tissue. The use of higher energy pulses allows for deeper tissue penetration and remodelling of the cytoarchitecture. This is seen clinically as skin tightening.
  4. The epidermis remains intact, acting as a natural dressing to provide protection and speed up the healing process.

NeoGen Plasma holds a number of crucial advantages over more traditional energy-based modalities. It is safer and more precise, especially when treating the periorbital area, while the coverage it gives means no islands of skin are left untreated. The more targeted and less invasive nature of the treatment also means the recovery period is significantly reduced.


The treatment results

After the treatment was complete, Andrea was blown away by both the quality and the speed of improvement to her skin. After some initial redness in the first few days, and after using the correct post-treatment protocols, the results were immediately noticeable.

What has impressed Andrea above all is how the condition of her skin has shown consistent improvement as the months have passed. In the 3 months following treatment, Andrea noticed:

  • A great reduction in the pigmentation of her skin
  • The disappearance of most wrinkles and fine lines

The change in Andrea was not just physical, either. She reports feeling more “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,” through noticing the continual improvements. “I’ve had an awful lot of compliments that people are actually believing I’m a lot younger. Some are saying 20 years younger, which I’m choosing to take!” she beamed.

But it was the rapid recovery time that proved the biggest surprise. She was back at work within a week following treatment and could see a marked difference within a fortnight. This is one of the biggest advantages of the NeoGen Plasma technology – it provides results comparable with a fully ablative treatment but with half the downtime.


Would Andrea recommend a NeoGen Plasma treatment?

“The difference is remarkable! What a difference it makes to people’s lives”

Such has been the impact that Andrea’s experience with NeoGen has had on her, she was only too happy to recommend the treatment. For people like her, unhappy with the signs of ageing on their skin, she believes NeoGen Plasma is perfect for brightening up their appearance and generally “getting rid of some of those age additions that come with being 50+”.

But Andrea also extended her recommendation to people of all ages who suffer from skin conditions. She highlighted the example of younger people who she had seen achieve remarkable changes to their acne scarring through this treatment. The fact that even at the highest energy setting NeoGen does not char or ablate the skin, makes it particularly safe for use on a wide range of skin types and for a variety of indications.

Additionally, NeoGen Plasma is exceptionally beneficial for people wishing to address multiple skin conditions in one treatment. Whereas light-based technologies, by comparison, require different wavelengths for each targeted indication and would require multiple sessions to achieve equivalent results.


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